→ Marimba Ensemble “Kion (木音)”

Marimba Primary

♪ This book is an introduction to “Marimba Partner” series.
♪ 34 Etudes included.
♪ Since it is designed for beginners, you may be able to play all the repertoires on three-octave marimba
  with easy piano accompaniment.
♪ You also can enjoy Marimba Duo on one five-octave marimba instead of playing with piano.
マリンバパートナー プライマリー
1. Vorschule im Klavierspiel No.8 / Ferdinand Beyer
2. Little Fox / German folk song
3. Summ, summ sum / Bohemia folk song
4. Summ, summ sum / Bohemia folk song(solo+2nd)
5. Der Frosch Gesang(solo+2nd)/ German song
6. Itomaki(solo+2nd)/ Danish folk song
7. Suika(watermelon) no Meisanchi (solo+2nd)/ American song
8. Ich bin ein Musikant(solo+2nd)/ German song
9. Kuckuck, Kuchck ruft’s aus dem Wald(solo+2nd)/ German song
10. Tulip(solo+2nd)/ Takeshi Inoue
11. Mary had a Little Lamb (solo+2nd)/ American song
12. Ten Little Indian Boys / American song
13. Amaryllis(solo+2nd)/ French song
14. The scissors grinder / Italian folk song
15. Au Clair de la Lune(solo+2nd)/ French song
16. Vorschule im Klavierspiel No.9(solo+2nd)/ Ferdinand Beyer
17. Vorschule im Klavierspiel No.44(solo+2nd) / Ferdinand Beyer
18. Lightly Row(solo+2nd)/ Spanish folk song
19. Don Giovanni” Menuetto” / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
20. Vorschule im Klavierspiel No.97(solo+2nd)/ Ferdinand Beyer
21. Close Your Hands(solo+2nd) / Jean-Jacques Rousseau
22. Marcia alla Turca(solo+2nd) / Ludwig van Beethoven
23. Kitutuki(Woodpecker)(solo+2nd)/ German song
24. Frere Jacques(solo+2nd)/ French song
25. L’eau Vive(solo+2nd)/ Guy Beart
26. Tramblanka / Tadeusz Sygietynski
27. Drunter im Unterland(solo+2nd)/ German song
28. (A Short Story(solo+2nd)/ Heinrich.Lichner
29. “Soldatenmarsch” Aibum fur die Jugend(solo+2nd)
/ Robert Schumann
30. Die Schlittschuhlaufer / Emil Waldteufel
31. O du Lieber Augustin (solo+2nd)/ Austria song
32. Jingle Bells(solo+2nd)/ James Pierpont
33. Die Heilige Nacht (Stille Nacht) (solo+2nd)/ Franz Xaver Gruber
34. Deck the hall with boughs of holly /Wales carol
35. Alexander March / Foreign tune
36. March of the Goblins(Kobold Marsch) / Otto Barth
37. “Kinder Symphonie” 1st mov. (solo+2nd) / Leopold Mozart
38. Trompeterstandchen / Franz Stanislaus Spindler
39. Gavotte / Francois-Joseph.Gassec
40. Mickey Mouse March(solo+2nd)/ Jimmie Dodd
41. Sanpo from” Tonari No Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)”
/ Joe Hisaishi
42. Ein Mannlein Steht im Walde(Duo+3rd) / German song
43. Kanon-Sakamichi(Slope)(solo+2nd)/ Swiss song