→ Marimba Ensemble “Kion (木音)”


Michiko Noguchi(Marimbist,Arranger)

Michiko Noguchi started playing the piano at the age of four and the marimba at the age of twelve.
She graduated from Musashino Academia Musicae at the top of the class, and performed marimba in the Japanese Imperial Court for the Emperor, his family, and nobles.

She was a member of “Tokyo Marimba Trio” and performed many concerts throughout Japan.
Noguchi participated in performing in Greece, Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia, Luxembourg, and France as a member of the “Nippon Ongaku Shudan” sponsored by the Japanese government.

She has performed numerous concerts on stages, including a concerto with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

She played Duo recitals with Mr. Yoshikawa, the great master of marimba, from 2003 through 2007.

In 2009 Noguchi Formed “The Marimba-Duo” with Mr. Tatsuo Sasaki and released CDs.

Publication: Approximately 40 volumes

“Marimba Partner Series”
“Marimba Primary”
“Joyful Melody Series”
“Marimba Duo Series”
“River Dance”for Marimba Duo & Percussion
“Violin Partner”
“Flute Partner”

CD :
“Charade” – Tokyo Marimba Trio (released from Victor Japan),
“Riverdance” The Marimba-Duo (released from Hericon Records in the USA)
“Tempest” The Marimba-Duo (released from Hericon Records in the USA)
”Back to Bach” (released from ALM)

Sheet Music Pieces :
「Bach on Marimba」→ Steve Weiss Music
Bach Ensemble 9 Pieces → Edition Svitzer
Solo+Piano、Marimba Duo,Trio pieces → Sheet Music Plus